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Mail Plus - the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday app on your tablet and smartphone

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Enjoy more of the Mail with Mail Plus

Mail Plus offers many features that you won’t find in the printed paper or anywhere else...

News with added video and picture power

Watch as video and stunning picture galleries bring big stories and great sporting moments to life, along with the best analysis and comment. Plus get breaking news and live updates to the day's biggest stories 24 hours a day.

Amazing interactive puzzles

From sudokus to crosswords and quizzes, with Mail Plus, you can play 31 puzzles every day on screen – and against the clock. You can also Play for Prizes!

Three brilliant magazines

With Mail Plus, Weekend, You and Event magazines are packed with great features, celebrity interviews, fashion, beauty, real life stories, recipes and your horoscope for the week.

See the world differently...

Every day, Mail Plus for iPad features breathtaking 360 degree photography that shows the world from a different angle - and takes you places you'd never expect to go.

Your seven-day TV guide

The complete daily and weekly TV and radio listings including Pick of the Day, Movie Planner, Radio Week, and Jaci Stephen's Soap Watch.

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